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Granola Sublime 10oz - Gluten Free

Pamela Wasabi

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Granola Sublime 10oz - Gluten Free
Granola Sublime 10oz - Gluten Free

Crunchy, delicious cinnamon scented and coconut toasted granola. Sweetened mainly with maple syrup, I added a touch of raw sugar cane for an oomph of flavor. 

ingredients: rolled oats, maple syrup, coconut oil, pecan, shredded coconut, raw sugar cane, himalayan salt, cinnamon, ginger.

organic | gluten-free | 10oz-wt 
Also available in 24 oz-wt size

*Although our products are gluten-free we work in a production space that uses common allergens like wheat, soy milk, eggs and nuts. 

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