AMLA MIAMI by Pamela Wasabi


Returning to the Wild Woman - Part IV

Returning to the Wild Woman Book Series:
Healing our most intimate food challenges and eating disorders through the unveiling of a woman’s sacred and untamed feminine source. 



This lecture's topic:
Understanding Wholeness through Binge Eating and Overeating

Having a food issue or challenge is no sign of weakness. It’s an invitation from our body’s innate wisdom to revisit an aspect of ourselves that’s been abandoned or neglected–a side that has been overlooked —a limited perspective, a fixated idea of how we should look or feel. Most of the time, these ideas are learned from society, our families, or the environment in which we grew up. If we are having a food challenge or a distorted body image, it is time to look deep within these “ideas” and let go of the concepts that no longer serve us.

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