AMLA MIAMI by Pamela Wasabi


Returning to the Wild Woman - Introduction

December 20th, 7pm to 8pm
Cafe Collective, Ft.Lauderdale


During this lecture, author Pamela Wasabi, will show you the power that lies within our Sacred Feminine energy and how we can use it to heal, transform and liberate ourselves from food and other life challenges.


Why do we eat/shop/drink/sex impulsively?

Having a food issue or challenge is no sign of weakness. It’s an invitation from our body’s innate wisdom to revisit an aspect of ourselves that’s been abandoned or neglected. A side that has been overlooked and became a limited perspective, or a fixated idea of how we should look or feel. Most of the time, these ideas are learned from society, our families or the environment in which we grew up. If we are having a food challenge or a distorted body image, it is time to look deep within these “ideas” and let go of those concepts that no longer serve us.

I recently went on a family vacation. It was a time to disconnect from the every day. It also happened to be a time where I had to let go of an intimate relationship. I was anxious and confused, navigating these last ripples of emotions left from this challenging relationship. I was unsure of the outcome, and that insecurity took over my mental stability.

During our trip, we visited some theme parks. As expected, the food available at these establishments was limited to fast foods. We brought food from home and made sure to have fulfilling breakfasts. I have pretty healthy habits and have no problem refraining from eating that which doesn’t belong in my body, however, this time I had the need to eat, and felt a hunger I usually don’t experience. I opted to have fried foods and some pretzels. I abstain from these foods in my daily diet simply because I can’t digest them, yet I felt compelled to have them. There was a void in me that needed to be filled.

Days after our trip, I experienced the discomfort and repercussions of my actions. However, instead of punishing myself or being hard on myself for my “needy” food choices, I asked a couple of questions. I asked myself why I had felt the need to be filled, and also, why had I behaved as feeling I were incomplete?

I had to let go of someone I love deeply. The outer layers of myself or my ego took that as I sign I was also letting go of a part of myself. However, this is a distorted version of reality—a limited and erroneous assumption learned from our mainstream media and society. My mind was identifying with the process of letting go, and so my body followed the command, creating in me a feeling that I was losing a part of myself. The void I was experiencing, the missing part that needed to be put back together, came to the surface as physical hunger. However, I was not hungry for food; I was emotionally hungry. 

To address my emotional starvation, it required a shift in my consciousness. This shift is the understanding that we are already complete, whole, beauty, and enough. The completion of our souls doesn’t come from the outside, or from someone else. Nobody ever completes us, not even when we are talking about love and intimate relationships. Love is but the vehicle in which two wholesome beings come together to create a third entity called "relationship."

Through my reflection, I called upon my Wild Woman to remind me of my light. I was able to navigate through the unknown, and through the anxiety of letting go of this relationship. My hunger was fulfilled by unconditional self-love, and to regain physical health, I took out my first-aid kit to help my body get back to homeostasis.

We are magnificent tools in this universe to be used for greatness such as in relationships. Relationships have a life/death/life cycle of their own. Just like children to parents, we don’t own them, but they are here to serve us as mirrors, and reminders. Relationships with friends, loved ones, strangers, even food, remind us of the challenges we have to face, the pains we have to transform into lessons of growth. They are reminders of our Wholeness.

Most food issues and eating challenges come from our distorted attempts to seek wholeness. Wholeness, however, can’t be made up of pieces picked up on the way. Whole we were born, and whole we will remain. In wholeness there’s ananda (infinite bliss). The body is wise to seek it at whatever level from which we are operating --such as in food/sex/drugs/money etc, but if our awareness goes beyond the materialized issue, we will come to the understanding that we are everything we need.

We don’t need someone else to complete us.

We should desire to love, and from that desire and that joy and our wholeness, seek to share our magnificent souls and create experience with those we love.

Thank you for your reading!
Hope you can join me. 
Pamela Wasabi


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